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This operation is a method applied to sagging, downward displaced breasts. The surgical technique to be applied in the operation varies according to the sagging structure of the breast. Slightly sagging breast; Excess tissue is removed with a semicircular incision made on the colored area of the nipple, the remaining tissue is sutured with a continuous circular suture, a special suture method. Moderately sagging breast; With a round incision around the nipple, excess skin is removed, both the nipple is moved higher and the tightening of the nipple is created. Extremely sagging breast structure around the nipple and perpendicular to it by making the incision of the structures that are hanging up and tightening operations are performed. This ‘’lollipop candy’’ shaped scar pattern is eliminated as the tissue heals. If there is sufficient tissue in the breast, it is possible to create a full and upright breast structure using its own tissue. If there is volumetric insufficiency of breast tissue as well as sagging; In addition, a fuller breast structure is formed by placing a breast prosthesis through the same incision.


The operation will be in the hospital and will take the form of general anesthesia. Normal operation time is 2-4hours. You will see the anesthesiologist before the operation. You will not have pain after breast lift. You must stay in the hospital for 1 night after this operation.


After the operation you will be given a special bra. The bra needs to be worn regularly to accelerate your recovery. You may not be able to perform physical activities for a few days after the operation. Minor tingling and swelling are possible and may persist for several weeks. Return to work within 2-3 days. Normal activities within 1 week and more strenuous activities within 1 month.

Average length of stay 7 Days
Length of stay in hospital 1 Day
Operation duration 2-4 Hours
Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Recovery duration Duration of 2 weeks