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Gastric Botox

Are you concerned about your weight gain? Tried any methods and nothing changed ? Bear in mind that you are not alone. If you are on the way to doing your best in a healthy way and looking for a proper method to reach your best shape, Gastric Botox is quite suitable and an easy way to fulfill the requirements in your mind.

Gastric Botox may be defined as a method to support your weight loss as an addition to your diet.Since there is no surgery, it might have considerable benefits to achieve by minimal sedation (not general anesthesia).

It’s known as a very comfortable method without any pain or discomfort. It requires 2 hours of medical observation after the procedure during the recovery. The most fantastic advantage is returning back to your daily life rather than staying at home or at the hospital ward.

Its main mechanism is paralysing the gastric muscle (muscles around the stomach wall) and lowering the effects of gastric muscles in order to get a response as early satiety. Additionally,your fasting duration will be much more for another meal.

It is not a proper way for patients with physiological eating disorders since it does not affect the total stomach volume.

We have to clarify that any patient considering Gastric Botox has to fit a strict diet prepared by our valuable expert dietitians and the diet should go on continuously even after the six months period. You may choose the best sport to enhance your weight loss and get a healthy lifestyle as well as keeping your body shape.

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