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Gastric Bypass

Gastric by-pass is essentially a process that restricts both food intake and absorption of food. During the operation, using a metal punch, a stomach pouch is formed as small as a matchbox on the upper part of the stomach, which is the continuation of the esophagus. Then the small intestine is calculated and cut from the distance. The intestine has two ends. One is a short leg with bile and pancreatic fluids, and the second is a long leg where the food goes to the large intestine. The stomach pouch is oralized with a long small bowel tip. In other words, after the small stomach such as a matchbox is formed, this tiny stomach pouch is joined by opening the window with the long end of the small intestine so that the food coming here can pass to the intestines. The distal end is calculated from the point where it is oralized with the stomach and brought to a distance by short intestinal end (stomach, pancreatic secretions and bile fluid bearing) is brought to the mouth.


Weight is lost very quickly in the first year following gastric bypass surgery. The targeted weight is usually reached after 18 months. With this surgery, 70-80% of people's excess body weight is lost. For example, a patient with a height of 1.70 and a weight of 140 will lose 50-60 kilograms of weight after surgery and will roughly weigh between 80-90 kilos. Compliance with diet and changing dietary habits will lead to more weight loss.


  • The amount of food that can be taken in this surgery is limited.
  • Very fast saturation and full saturation for a long time.
  • Weight loss starts immediately after surgery
  • Over 70% -80% of excess weight may lose.
  • In patients with Type 2 Diabetes after gastric bypass surgery, medication requirements are reduced or even may disappear (such as 85%). Blood sugar is easily controlled in these patients.

Average length of stay 7 Days
Length of stay in hospital 3 Day
Operation duration 2-3 Hours
Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Recovery duration Duration of 2 weeks